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Helping Hand Homecare - Private Professional Homecare for as little as €10.44 an hour after tax relief. Contact us now for a free consultation.Helping Hand , the Independent Irish homecare provider. Now open in Howth Village, Co Dublin. We're Recruiting. We're Recruiting

Welcome to our Company

At Helping Hand, our mission is to enrich our client’s lives, through genuine care, companionship and respect. We strive to achieve this whilst always considering their unique personality and circumstances. We aim to find the perfect match between carer and client, to ensure that all of our clients are treated with the dignity and compassion they truly deserve.

Helping Hand is a provider of non-medical homecare for the elderly, those with disabilities or those who are convalescing after a hospital stay. The Helping Hand way of caring is to personalise our care plans with you, to ensure that you get the best support and help to prolong independent living.

We are a fully Irish-owned and operated business that pride ourselves in providing trustworthy, compassionate and dignified assisted living by locals for locals within the community.

We share the care.

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